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Why shop vintage luxury instead of new?

  • Better price point
  • Better for the environment
  • Higher quality
  • Natural wear and beauty marks
  • More difficult to fake or counterfeit
  • Higher long term ROI if kept in good care

How do you know they’re authentic? 

We do our homework so you don’t have to! We’re like that smart kid in class who you teamed up with for a group project. We’ll do all of the work and ensure you’re left with a mark (beautiful bag) you love.  

We only purchase from trusted retailers who have a return policy we can work with. After receiving the product and ensuring its quality and condition, we have it professionally authenticated with a third party. Further proof of authentication, authenticity cards and letters are available through our authenticator at an added cost. 

Where do we source our bags?

Well we can’t reveal all of our secrets that have taken experience to acquire, but we can tell you that we only purchase from trusted retailers! We purchase from a small range of retailers who we’ve had good experience with time and time again.

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide, with free tracked shipping anywhere within North America. Shipping insurance is available at an added cost. 

Do you offer consignment? 

We don't currently offer consignment but it's definitely something we plan on offering in the future. Follow along on the instagram to stay in the loop as to when we'll start offering. 

Do you offer personal bag sourcing? 

We definitely can! Send us a dm on instagram or an email and let us know what bag you're looking for and what condition you'd like it to be in. We can most likely help you find what you're dreaming of.