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Who we are

VTG LUX is a reseller of authenticated vintage luxury handbags and accessories. We pride ourselves in our care process and honesty. We want to ensure you know exactly what to expect every time. We offer prices that are lower than our competitors so that more people have the opportunity to get their hands on a beautiful designer handbag. 

VTG LUX is a small business operated by a one woman show, which is why we currently offer a limited amount of products.

Why VTG LUX was created

The business was created after the owner had some pain points when purchasing her first used designer handbag. She felt anxious instead of excited as she waited for her purchase to arrive. She wasn't sure if she could trust the seller or if the bag was actually authentic. When the bag arrived, it was in basic packaging and didn't appear to be packaged with love or care. The bag itself was still beautiful, but there were a bit more scuff marks than the seller had noted. 

She took that experience as a learning lesson for what not to do! At VTG LUX we want to make sure you feel excited about your purchase the whole way through the process. We want you to be able to shop with confidence and know exactly what you're getting every time. We ensure to provide you a luxury experience at a much lower cost. 


Why vintage specifically? 

We've always had a thing for vintage anything, but vintage luxury is next level cool. We find so much joy in owning a product that had some history to it. It's amazing to imagine all of the places your bag has travelled to and the adventures it's been on. 

Vintage enables us to source bags from past seasons or decades that can be rare or hard to find. Buying vintage also allows us to offer a better price for you! 

Buying vintage (or secondhand in general) is also the most sustainable route. Sometimes we purchase bags that need a bit of rehab or a refresh. We bring those beauties back to life and give them another chance at love.